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About From Thailand


We are a small online store in Nakhon Ratchasima province of Thailand.

Since some foreign tourists were interested to buy some of our Thai products we thought that it would be interesting to sell them online, so any westerner can get the wonderful quality products Thailand has to offer, sometimes difficult or impossible to find in USA, UK, Europe and Australia.

Our small online shop has a selection of our own products, plus some others available in our small village and other places. Food and drinks, wicker baskets, Dan Kwian pottery from Chok Chai, handcrafted jewelry, Thai balms, herbal products, decorative objects for home etc.

Please note that amulets, Buddha statues and Buddhist paraphernalia, are religious items and cannot be exported outside Thailand without the proper permission.

If you’re interested in different quantities, wholesale or products other than the ones displayed on our shop, please contact us.

Our aim is to make Thai products available to anyone.

We hope you will enjoy our products.

From Thailand

21 Moo 8 Tambon Lamtong Amphoe Nongbunmak, Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand.
– Tel: +66 (0)90 321 6053

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